A BAMBINO - Simple waist pouch/bag


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“Bambino” is our newest pouch, it sits on our waist and attaches to your belt the same way the U-lock holder does.

As its connected to your belt its more practical than a conventional bag and does not need to be removed when using the bathroom for instance. Because its fixed to the belt of the trousers it feels lighter than a normal hip bag and feels more comfortable.

Theres no velcro on the flap, as it closes with a hook, therefore it doesn’t make any sound in quiet places (trains, schools, offices, museums etc.) The closing is smart and easy.

It is perfectly sized to store your wallet or mobile phone and comes with a D-ring on the inside of the ouch to attach your keys. It’s very easy to use for most of your daily needs when riding a bicycle or while walking.

We offer two different models. For the left or the right side. The difference is the closing mechanism, as well as the D-ring, as well the logo, that should be facing towards the front.
Please double check before ordering.

Product information:

Size: Upper width 190 mm , Bottom width 130 mm, Side width 50 mm, Height 110 mm
Colours: Black, Red, Grey, Blue, Orange
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsv9ZYbn0C8

A bag that can be used pretty much anywhere, it can be hooked and fastened with straps. It’s like a piece of magic tape, in addition your gloves and clothing wont stick together, cause we did not use any velcro. You can use it with your favourite belt, but could also attach it to your bicycle frame, bag belts or various other places. It is a convenient porch to have to use in many places for all kinds of activities.