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# Introduction

Did you know that the Cycle Messenger World Championships were once held in Japan?
In 2009 the annual Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) was hosted in Tokyo where messengers from all over the world gathered to put their skills to the test and compete with each other for the title of the world champion. From foreign messengers visiting Japan for the first time, to Japanese messengers from all over the country who came to join different messenger related events, and the locals who have spent years of work to organise the event. One common mindset was shared by all.
"To share stories of their daily hard work, and have a unforgettable time with their fellow brothers and sisters."
A quote from a veteran messenger within the film.
"That’s what the courier community is all about."
The simple fact that they’re all messengers breaks all borders of nationality and race and brings the feeling of belonging to a big family while sharing the same job and lifestyle. Does such an occupation like this exist?
The international bicycle messenger family is grown steadily and the community decided that the CMWC 2021 will be held in Yokohama, Japan.
Footage buried away from CMWC 2009, Tokyo has been brought back and re-edited to a documentary. 10 years have passed and now, it’s finally released.


Product Number | htms0001
JAN code | 4580401506548
Price | 3,800yen+tax(domestic)
Running time | 67min+10min(bonus)
Launching | 24/Jan/2020
Subtitles | Japanese / English
Director / Editor | Daisuke Toh
Producer | Kenichi Yanagawa
Production Company | Courio-City Inc.

# Chapter

Gold Sprint
AZ Interview 1
Main Race Qualifying
Track Stand
Biker Bill Interview + Backward Circles
Team Footdown
Mo Interview
Main Race Final
Porno Interview + Sumo
Nadir Interview + Keirin Race
AZ Interview 2
Keirin Awards + End roll

# Bonus Tracks


# Trailer

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